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Itqaan Series

Itqaan Series

Itqaan Series is a program designed to help people learn the Quran. The main books, Quran Recitation Made Easy, authored by Sheikh Abu Obaidah, is a 9-part series catering for beginners learning the alphabets all the way until mastering the science of Qiraat. Itqaan Series was established to provide content that is organised, simplified and practical.

Book covers with each stage

Stage 1: Learn the Arabic Alphabet

The book: Arabic Alphabet for Beginners

The first step towards reciting the Qur’an is learning the Arabic Alphabet. Within the first book of the Itqaan Series. This book simply, slowly and effectively consolidates letter recognition and writing skills within the student’s memory.

Students learn how to read, write, and identify the shape of each letter in the Arabic Alphabet, both individually and within a word.

App: Master Arabic Alphabet

Stage 2: Learn how to read the Quran

The book: Quran Recitation Made Easy

Once the student has mastered the letters of the Arabic Alphabet, they are introduced to the fundamentals of the Arabic language.

There are two important aspects in this stage.

1. The first one involves students reading the words syllable by syllable, spelling out each word. This helps the student gain a deep understanding of each letter and syllable.

2. The second aspect requires students to read without spelling out the words, which helps them become stronger and more fluent in reading.

Quran Recitation Made Easy is designed to create as many practical examples as possible for the students to complete, allowing them to improve their reading, writing and listening skills. It focuses on the students reading abilities and pronunciations.

Notably, all examples of this book are derived from the Quran to further familiarise the student with the blessed language.

This book covers each concept, following a logical progression, building up fluency and confidence in identifying and reading words with an assortment of vowel sounds. By the conclusion of this stage, students should be able to recite complete words and start reading the Quran.

– Main book: Quran Recitation Made Easy
– Teacher handbook
– Listening Material: Audio

App: iReadQuran

Stage 3: Learn the Main Tajweed Rules

The book: Summary of Main Tajweed Rules

Tajweed refers to the special rules that we must apply within our recitation of the Quran. At this stage, students develop proficiency in their recitation of the Qur’an and are introduced to the main Tajweed rules at a beginner level. This book, additionally, includes an extract of Juz’ 30 with colour-coded Tajweed rules, giving students the opportunity to apply the main rules in their recitation and commence the memorisation of the Qur’an.

Stage 4: Learn The Intermediate Tajweed Rules.

The book: Beginner’s Tajweed Made Easy

Once students are familiar with the rules of basic Tajweed, they are ready to study and implement the fundamental rules of Tajweed at an intermediate level. This book covers each rule of Tajweed with a degree of depth, providing students with accurate explanations, examples, and activities to consolidate their learning. Upon the conclusion of this stage, students should be very fluent with their recitation of the Quran, and should be able to incorporate all the rules of Tajweed within their recitation.

Stage 5: Learn The Advanced Tajweed Rules

The book: Mastering the Tajweed of the Quran

Upon developing the ability to recite and memorise the Qur’an using the fundamental rules of Tajweed, students have the opportunity to further their theoretical studies within the science of Tajweed. This book focuses on the theoretical aspects of the Tajweed rules, providing detailed explanations and examples of its application within the Qur’an. This stage is relevant for a student who is memorising the Qur’an and wishes to understand and implement every Tajweed rule with precision.

Stage 6: Introduction to the Science of Qiraat

The book: Mastering the Tajweed of the Quran

The Qur’an was recited by the Prophet Muhammad SAW in many different ways, in which they are still recited today. The science of Qiraat focuses on the study of these different styles of reciting the Quran, and the rulings and changes in words and the Arabic fundamentals that exist between them. This book provides an introduction to this science, providing explanations and examples of different Qiraat of the Qur’an and how they vary in their recitation as well as in rules of Tajweed.
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