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Quran College

About Quran College

MIA Quran College (MQC) – where quality teaching meets affordability. Our dedicated professional team share the ultimate goal of reviving the connection to the Book of Allah (SWT) in our community. Together, we can contribute to the preservation and perpetuation of the Words of our Creator – an opportunity for countless rewards from Allah .

We offer a range of classes for all ages (children and adults), for both brothers and sisters, of all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced… even for those aspiring to be teachers of the Quran themselves!

The following is a comprehensive outline of our stages in learning the Book of Allah

Class Options

Summer Holiday Quran Program

Early morning in December and January

  • Personalised plan
  • Memorisation
  • Revision
  • Lessons from Tafseer
Offered around November for registrations.

Click the 'Register Now' button above, select 'Quran College' and choose your preferred class. Fill in your details, our admin team will get back to you via email in 3-5 business days.

Quran Competition

Annual Quran competition during the blessed month of Ramadan Different categories for young and adult brother and sisters.
Final round would be live and recorded.

Check out some our past competitions!

Our MQC Principal

Sheikh Abu Obaidah

Sheikh Abu Obaidah holds a Masters in Fiqh from Al-Madinah International University; he also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Islamic Studies from Western Sydney University. He is currently pursuing a PhD study in Fiqh.

He has Ijazah in the 10 Qiraat in Shatibiyah, Durrah and Tayibah, he also has Ijazah in additional 4 nonMutawaatir Qiraat.

He currently the head Imam & Quran College Principal at MIA – Liverpool Islamic Centre, Sydney. He has been teaching the Quran for about 20 years and started teaching Australian students since 2008; through diligence and patience, he has been blessed by Allah with the ability to coach dozens of students to succeed in becoming Huffadh. He primarily dedicates his time and effort in building the next generation of Quran memorisers, teachers, reciters and Imams.
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