Quran College

About Quran College

MIA Qur’an College (MQC) – where quality teaching meets affordability. Our dedicated professional team share the ultimate goal of reviving the connection to the Book of Allaah  (SWT) in our community. Together, we can contribute to the preservation and perpetuation of the Words of our Creator – an opportunity for countless rewards from Allaah  !

We offer a range of classes for all ages (children and adults), for both brothers and sisters, of all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced… even for those aspiring to be teachers of the Qur’an themselves!


We offer a range of classes for:
– Children
– Adults
– Brothers
– Sisters
– Beginners (wanting to learn how to read Arabic)
– Intermediate
– Advanced
– Memorisation
– Tajweed

Our MQC Principal – Shaykh Abu Obaidah

The Principal of MIA Qur’an College is the esteemed and honourable Shaykh Abu Obaidah Jarrah, who is also one of the college’s main teachers. He primarily dedicates his time and effort in building the next generation of Qur’an memorisers, teachers, reciters and Imams.

Shaykh Abu Obaidah began seeking knowledge of the Sacred Sciences in 1999 with the students of Shaykh Al-Albaani (may Allaah  have mercy on him) in Jordan. He studied with them Aqeedah, Usool al-Fiqh, Uloom al-Qur’an, Usool al-Hadith, An-Nahw and Inheritence. He has also attained Ijaazah in all 10 Qira’aat (recitations) of the Qur’aan, with memorisation of the monumental text Ash-Shaatibiyyah as well as Ad-Durrah. The Shaykh also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Islamic Studies from Western Sydney University and is currently completing his Masters in Fiqh at MEDIU.


Classes run from Monday to Friday, 4pm-9pm.

All Students are assessed to ensure they are placed in the best class for their reading ability.

Levels range from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced in both Recitation and Tajweed.

Class timetables will be provided after the assessment with the Head Teacher, Sh. Abu Obaidah.