After so much anticipation, the morning of Monday 5th August dawned nice and sunny; not too cold and not too warm; just right, alhamduliLLah! The D-day for the Sisters’ Reverts Morning Tea finally arrived!

After an hour of energizing Boxing at the MIA Dreem Body Challenge, it was time to attend the Morning Tea both as an opportunity to meet my lovely sisters in the Deen and as a treat for all that intense workout.

It felt wonderful to be in the midst of sisters from different cultural backgrounds, knowing that whatever our differences are, we share the best bond of all – the bond of sisterhood in Islam.

Allah (SWT) says:

“The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah
that you may receive mercy.” -Surah Al-Hujurat (49):10

To begin, sisters got to know each other by introducing themselves. Sister Marita Davies; who anchored the program along with Sister Joanna; mentioned the efforts made to renovate both the
Brothers’ and Sisters’ sections. She also informed us of the various programs organized by MIA and encouraged us all to avail ourselves of the broad range of programs to gain more knowledge and draw closer to Allah.

Next came the games! The first was the Teapot drawing game. Paper plates and texters were
shared and sisters had to hold the paper plates on their heads with one hand and draw teapots on them with the other hand- of course without looking! The results were hilarious! The sister
whose drawing looked closest to a teapot got a lovely teapot set as her prize, Maa shaa Allah!

The second game was about guessing. Sisters had to guess a number between 0 and 1000. The
sister who guessed a number closest to the one the anchor persons had earlier secretly decided got a jar filled with lovely chocolate coins!

Sister Marita shared her revert story and how the news of her accepting Islam shocked her family and friends. We heard how a song (nasheed) she once downloaded and got to like got her making enquiries. Her amazing journey of discovery and learning about Islam which saw her saying the Shahadah after the 8th month, was insightful.

She let us into the incredible feeling she had when she said the Shahadah, her struggle to tell her friends and family about her new faith and the sacrifices she had to make regarding family relationships. For her, it has been a journey of new discoveries and enlightenment all the way,
Allahuma Baarik!

She also shared with us how her mum reverted to Islam at 93 years-old! Maa shaa Allah! It was a funny and emotional story

The third game was the Blindfold game. Sisters had to take turns wearing a blindfold and dipping their hands in a bag of gifts. They had to pick an item and guess what it was. Whoever guessed correctly got the item as a gift. AlhamduliLLah, I now have a lovely Ice cube tray with tiny pineapple shapes courtesy of this game!

The last game was the Tea tasting game. Six volunteers each tasted six different types of tea from plain cups and had to say what they thought it was. It was interesting to watch the sisters trying to put a name to the taste!

To round up, we all had lovely delicacies brought in by our sisters and had a great time socialising with each other.

AlhamduliLLah, the Reverts Morning Tea was a success and it felt wonderful to be in the midst of the believers,as always.

May Allah bless the organisers, the attendees and all who wished to attend but could not for various reasons.May Allah bless us all, strengthen our feet on HIS Path, strengthen our bonds of the Deen and grant us the best in this Dun’ya and in the Akhirah, aameen.