19th June, 2024 .

Young Adults Islamic College

About Young Adults Islamic College

The “young adult” stage of life is an incredibly crucial and vulnerable time. It is a time when our youth are very impressionable, and when the environment plays an immense role in the people they grow to be as adults. MIA’s aim with the Young Adults Islamic College is to harness the potential of our youth and guide and direct them towards a life-long journey of seeking Islamic knowledge, and nurturing their identities as strong, active, righteous Muslims in a society that can cause this to be a challenging feat for some.

We strive to inspire them to wear their Islam with pride and honour, and to value Islamic rules and etiquettes in all areas of their lives.

Enrollment age: 13-16 years old

What We Teach

Our Young Adults Islamic College program transitions students from modern textbooks to classical Islamic texts, exposing them to the classical works of our Islamic Scholars. This includes specific texts on the subjects of ‘Aqeedah, Fiqh, Usool al-Fiqh, Seerah, Hadeeth, Uloom ul-Hadeeth and Uloom al-Quran. Incorporating within the program is the developing of Islamic identity and Islamic character, specifically in the context of how a Muslim is to traverse and navigate through Western societies. We ensure that our students graduate with a strong foundation of the belief in Allah ﷻ , the six pillars of Iman, general knowledge of the sciences of the Shariah and a strong sense of identity with their Islamic culture.
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