19th June, 2024 .

MIA NextGen

Who are we

“Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age”

Inspired by this Hadith, at MIA NextGen we strive to empower Muslim youth with their Islamic identity, tackle modern challenges on a grassroots level and generate competent leaders.

What we do


– Engaging talks on multitude of relevant islamic topics & themes.

– Exciting sports competitions.

– Delicious free food to end the night.

– Events also run during holidays where we run workshops to delve deeply into pressing topics necessary for our youth.

Annual Camps

– Our camps are held across various sites in NSW.

– Attendees build lasting bonds of brotherhood.

– Opportunity to gain practical life skills and experiences.

Leadership Development​

– MIA NextGen also puts major emphasis in developing tomorrow’s leaders.

– We have specialised programs catered to the leaders of the next generation.

 – This includes going on trips where our youth learn what it means to lead, and what it means to hoist such responsibility.

Method One: Recurring Donations

You join the MIA NextGen Seed a Day Program
Your subscription gives MIA NextGen a dollar a day, or thirty dollars a month
You gain ongoing rewards for your contribution in our nurturing of the youth
We use your donation to fund future MIA NextGen trips and events.

Method Two: One-off Donations

Filled with Potential
Solid & Reliable
Sturdy, evergreen
Biggest, and grandest

No donation is too small

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