MIA NextGen

Who we are 

The newest youth group for brothers in MIA is here – MIA NextGen!

NextGen is a young initiative aimed at the youth amongst our community. It aims to provide an Islamic environment to anchor the youth in a traditional yet contextual Islamic Identity.

It fosters and develops skills necessary to the communities needs in the near future. Responsibility, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, as well as design, event planning are some of those skills.

While its goals are ambitious, NextGen aims to reap it’s rewards as per it’s name – in the NextGen.

If you are a brother aged 12+ and would like to make a positive difference in this Ummah for the sake of Allah, join MIA NextGen!

You may contact us at nextgen@mialiverpool.com.au

Why Get Involved!

If you are looking to put your passion, skills and time to good use in a way that can benefit both yourself and the Muslim community, then you may want to consider joining MIA NextGen and explore the possibilities that awaits!

If you are interested, find us on our socials to find the latest updates for events! Connect with us during one of our regular events or contact us!


May Allaah ﷻ reward you for your intentions and efforts!